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Red Snappers
Wholesale Seafood products

Casile Incorporated was formed in 1986.  It is a privately held family business based in New York.  Originally established as a U.S. marketing arm of Brasmar (Brazil Seafood Marketing Assoc.), Casile eventually branched out into importing a variety of products from around the globe.  Casile focuses its imports on wild caught ocean harvested products.  The main areas of import are Brazil and Honduras with some minor imports from Nicaragua and Panama.  The primary imports from Brazil are:  Rock & Sand Lobster, Caribbean Red Snapper, Atlantic Lane Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, and Vermillion Snapper.  From Honduras we source Rock Lobster, Lobster Head Meat, Conch (seasonal), and Pink Shrimp.  All of our packers are HACCP Certified and several participate in the USDC Foreign HACCP Inspection Program.

We tailor our business to the food service industry.  We offer the finest quality from our supplier partners and facilitate the relationship between point of origin to final customer.  We provide custom packing and private label. Our goal is to maintain long term relationships that last season to season.  We bring over 40 years experience in the seafood industry and a long tradition of quality and customer service.

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